hopefully this is allowed.....

I am looking for a makeup artist to help me out for multiple photoshoots.
I am a Photography major at Daytona Beach Community College and have a portfolio due at the end of april. My protfolio ideas requires bright and complex makeup patterns and ideas, something i am not qualified or talented enough to do on my own.

You would be needed for an hour or less at each shoot. I will be glad to have 1-3 makeup artists to share the days or if one person wants to come to all, that is wonderful too.
I have images of the ideas i would like done, each girl will have a different look to her, but cohesive enough to bring them all togther.
I cannot pay much, if anything seeing as I am a student, but am willing to give 2   8x10 prints for your portfolio or promotional use.

If anyone is willing to help me out, it would be more than appreciated. I would love either a certified makeup artist, or someone with a passion for it and much practice or a cosmetology student even.

Anyone who is great with makeup and can help me would be amazing.

Please contact me for anymore information, to discuss anything, and to see images of the ideas i like and would like for the shoot.

my email is amanda@amandamcmahon.com, please contact me for anything.